Our Story

Evoke Coffee is a family owned roasting company in country Victoria, with an established marketed brand name where the owner is the creator and master roaster offering unique coffee blends where customer service is paramount.  The hands-on approach from the team at Evoke Coffee is here to assist you in bringing this distinctive brand of coffee to the market.

For 32 years the owner has been distributing coffee and setting up cafes throughout Victoria to produce the ultimate coffee experience, then we saw a need and decided it was long overdue to provide our customers a much fresher, balanced roasted coffee offering, hence began our coffee roasting journey.  Our Evoke Coffee blends have been tweaked and perfected over the last 15 years to satisfy the most discerning palate, try our coffee, you will NOT be disappointed!  Contact us and we will be right back in touch with you to arrange a tasting at our roastery in the training centre or send you a sample for you to try.

Green Beans

Evoke Coffee green bean buyers are pedantic when it comes to green bean selection. 

Flavour, Body, Sweetness, and Aftertaste are all attributes of the most decerning green bean selector and taster.  The green bean selection process ranks one of the highest in our priorities to achieve our desired enjoyment of the roasted product. Our job is to procure the best greens, globally that pass our stringent quality assurance tests.  The end result commences its journey in the coffee plantations at origin.  For Evoke Coffee these plantations range from Africa to Central America to South America to India and as close as the Pacific Islands.


Evoke Coffee is roasted in an amazing state of the art Italian manufactured roasting plant.  This choice of coffee roasting plant achieves unrivalled consistency in roasting that will leave you amazed at the diversity of flavours across all blends and taste sensations that will delight the most discerning palate.  The Evoke Coffee roasting team roast to taste profiles but fulfil the process scientifically with state-of-the-art precision via the roast profile interface.

Every blend at Evoke Coffee is post blended to ensure the optimum roast profile is effected.

EG: Should one component/bean be large and/or moist and a second component/bean be small and/or not as moist then we compensate each component as roasting them single origin and then post blending each origin to create our delectable flavours.

Our Coffee Varieties

Evoke Coffee showcases three significant blends with varying taste profiles.


A rich, syrupy palate.  Delicate buttery-sweet flavour, bold dark chocolate flavour on finishing. A medium roast, irresistibly sweet and smooth, balanced in milk.


A well balanced, rich and creamy delight, with caramel, dark chocolate and hints of earl grey on finishing. A medium roast of 100% Arabica, well balanced in milk.


Sweet fruit, fragrant blossom-like aromas with caramel and chocolate notes on finishing. 100% Arabica, light roast perfectly balanced with or without milk.

Evoke Coffee showcases three significant blends with varying taste profiles.


A rich, well balanced palate.  A delectable single origin Colombian bean. Swiss water processed. Roasted to create an outstanding espresso or an easy to drink latte.

Forge (Organic)

An amazing blend of certified organic beans formulated with central American beans for body and exquisite flavour carrying with it sweet fruits of a selected Ethiopian.

Single Origins

Single Origin coffees roasted to perfection to bring the very best out of each origin varietal. For example, using a particular Ethiopian coffee roasted a certain way to bring out the fruits to be used in cold brew etc.